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Simple Guess, Human Is An Intelligent Computer

I haven't had a good night's sleep recently. On the way to work this morning, I was a little distracted and thinking about people. Why do people feel pain, and it hurts when they don't report it? What happens if a person has no conscious nerves? Then I found that humans and intelligent machines are very similar. Of course, intelligent machines are originally copied from humen by scientists.
Why do I say like, now let's compare one by one.

Simple Guess, Human Is An Intelligent Computer
Simply compare with a computer. A computer contains hardware and software. This is necessary, but it is necessary to turn on a computer. Some attached cables, most importantly, need electricity.
Humans also have various organs, and then the brain is equivalent to software, nerves and blood and other equivalents to the connection line, the pores are equivalent to the heat dissipation system, and people also need to eat to supplement energy.
If a computer needs to be turned on normally, the software cannot go wrong. If the software system has problems, the computer is just a bunch of parts. The human brain cannot have problems, and if there are problems, it becomes a vegetative.
When there is a problem in the computer, the computer system can usually detect it, and then try to repair it automatically. When a person feels uncomfortable, he also recovers. The computer will also prompt if it detects a hardware problem. When a person feels uncomfortable, there will be pain. At this time, the person will respond, whether he can handle it himself, or need to see a doctor.
When the comparison is more and more, it will worry about how people come, why are there people?
Will there be a Matrix?
Finally, it is explained that this is just a part of personal guess, don't take it too seriously