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Bathroom Decorations Organizer

1. Design: After the folding locker is opened, it is a small cabinet that can be placed. After folding, it is a mural, which can be opened in 1 second. A variety of small cabinets can make the bathroom more tidy.
2. Material: The cabinet is made of resin and ABS plastic. The thick and wear-resistant material makes the wardrobe more powerful.
3. Function: It adopts environmentally-friendly plastic material, super waterproof function, placed in the bathroom, can be placed in clothes, not afraid of clothes.
4. Device: The punch-free design makes the mural cabinet more practical and not easy to fall off, and it will not damage the integrity of the wall.
5. Exquisite and Beautiful: Enjoy the comfortable bathing moment combined with the daily bathing habits and pains of modern people

Product Material: ABS + PP resin
Product Use: Clothing Storage/Bathroom Decor Mural

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