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Don't praise your child with "you are awesome"! Please praise your child in the following 14 situations

Praise a child for his talents instead of hard work, strategies and choices will stifle his growth mentality for a long time!

The biggest difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset is that people with a fixed mindset think that their talents and abilities are quantitative and will not change. People with a growth mindset believe that they can improve their abilities through hard work.

Growth thinking is very valuable. Children with a growth mindset are not easy to give up when doing things, they can enjoy the process more easily, they are easier to seek help, and they are more resilient.


Please choose one of 14 sentences to replace "you are great" and "you are smart".

1. You work hard! -Praise the children for their efforts

When your child presents you with beautiful works, don't be fooled by joy. Please remember to affirm his hard work and hard work.

2. Although it is difficult, you never give up. -Praise the children for their perseverance

When the child completes something challenging for him, such as thinking about the end of Go, trying again and again on the tall climbing frame on the playground, after countless failures and countless repeated attempts, remember He must affirm his patience and stick to it.

3. Your attitude towards things is very good. -Compliment the child's attitude

When children are full of positive energy for the task they are facing, don't forget to seize the opportunity to say something nice.

4. You have made great progress in ______!

-Know the details of the child

When the child has improved in a certain area, praise the details, the more specific the better. For example: Baby, now the gestures when swimming are more standardized, and the breathing rate is more even, much better than before, great

5. This method is really new! -Praise the children's creativity

This is where the most attention is needed. Seeing children’s whimsical ideas is the easiest way for people to connect with "smart", but are whimsical ideas really "smart"? This should be the accumulation of creativity and thinking. The children only got their brains after trying countless possible solutions! So, praise the "creative"!

6. The cooperation between you and your friends is great! -Praise the children for their cooperative spirit

No matter how strong a person's ability is, his ability to work is limited. If the child and his partner work together to complete a job and do a good job, please take this opportunity to confirm your child’s cooperation and communication skills.

7. You are very responsible for this matter! -Recognize the leadership skills of children

Although some things cannot be done by the child alone, he is responsible for management and he does a good job because he has a strong sense of responsibility and leadership. Praise this and let the child know that although he does not personally participate in every step, this is also a very important ability to achieve it.

8. You are not afraid of difficulties at all, it is too rare, praise your child's courage

Praising a child for his courage is the best way to help him increase his "confidence index."

9. You helped _____ complete his task, great! -Praise the children for their enthusiasm

"A gift of roses, handing out the fragrance." Helping others is a virtue. You must praise your child's enthusiasm and encourage him to help others. At the same time, he can also let him know that there are many ways to overcome difficulties. In addition to his own patience and perseverance, it is also very effective to seek help from others and learn from their experiences.

10. You can organize the room/books well. -Praise the sense of responsibility and organizational skills

Being able to organize one's own territory, organize and handle things properly is a manifestation of a sense of responsibility and orderly work. This is the basis for children to be able to do other things well. Praise and encouragement are necessary.

11. I believe you are because of ______. -Praise the child's credibility

A good reputation will make your child's life smoother, so please help him build his life in time. For example, when dating your child, you can say "I believe you, because the last few words are important" "I believe you, you will find a good way"...

12. When you participated in the event today, you performed well!

-Recognize children's participation

Participating in activities can broaden your horizons and absorb more nutrients. When your child actively participates in activities and performs well in activities, we must encourage his awareness of participation.

13. You value the opinions of others, which is very good. -Praise the children for their enlightened attitude

By getting good advice and experience from others, one's abilities will continue to improve. People with a growth mindset usually have an open mind.

14. I am glad you made such a choice. -Compliment the child's choice

Able to complete the task well

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