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Excerpts from Classic Sentences of Family and Child Education

The necessity of parent-child education is indisputable, but the role of teachers is also very important. How can teachers, parents, and children cooperate with each other to achieve stronger practical effects of cultural education?

The following 33 iron rules tell you! Teachers, parents, and children must understand!

1. The key element that harms children's test scores is not the school, but the home.

2. If there is a problem in parent-child education, the child will have a hard time on campus, and the child may become a "problem child" in the shcool.

3. For children with good test scores, mothers are generally those who have a plan and have a neat posture. The more attentive, clear, and polite the father is, the better the child's test scores will be.

4. Poverty is a key teaching resource, but it is not that the poorer the better, the better the children's growth. Parents must show their children basic cultural and artistic materials, and they are not allowed to fall into the bottom of poor self-confidence.

​5. Wealth is another more advanced teaching resource. The work experience of Europeans is: "It takes three generations of diligence to cultivate a royal family." "Class is genetically inherited." However, more advanced teaching resources must be available. More advanced cultural and educational skills, if there is no more advanced cultural and educational skills, a wealthy home will bring disasters to children's growth.

6. It is not necessary to be a parent with professional knowledge and no education. Some people have high diplomas, but not necessarily literate. If parents don’t understand life, don’t know how to treat others sincerely, or even don’t understand how to love their children, no matter what academic level he has, he is also a person without culture and art.

7. Parents can make their children the center of the world, but don't forget that parents have to live a separate life. If parents are completely focused on their children and then lose their own style of life, such parents will often affect their children's success in the name of love. Sometimes, parents are not indispensable for children, but parents are indispensable for children.

​8. Parents must be responsible for cultural education of their children, but they do not have to completely cancel their leisure and entertainment life due to cultural education of their children. "No sense of mission harms others, too much sense of mission harms oneself." (Wu Jiaxiang)

9. If the child cries and makes trouble, the parents hug the child quickly, then the child will use this characteristic of the parent and often entangle the parent and clearly put forward a lot of regulations. Therefore, the child is crying and making trouble, don't worry about picking up the child. It is best for parents to let themselves do something, and let the child see that he is doing things neatly.

10. Husband and wife affect the child's temperament. If a man doesn't value his wife, then his children will learn to ignore his girls on campus. If a woman doesn't value her husband, then her daughter has learned to look down on her boys on campus.

11. Cultural education is to cultivate the spiritual essence of people. The important task of parents and teachers is to make children gradually take responsibility for their own spiritual appearance, remove all kinds of pollution that will be infected, and cultivate the spiritual essence "seeds" in people, so that they can breathe in the air of the mountain. People can exhale and raise eyebrows.

12. Self-cultivating parents are "Voltaire realists", "I oppose your opinion, but I swear to defend the domination of your speech." They started to reason with their children from the day their children were born, and carefully consulted their children for suggestions. You don’t have to put your hope on scolding your child to learn to obey. The result of killing chickens and showing them to monkeys is that the little monkeys also learned to slaughter chickens.

13. Let children become passionate and rational people. "Without enthusiasm, it is impossible for all prosperous businesses to start well, and without reason, all pioneering works cannot start well."

14. Let your child become a well-educated person, well-educated from the concept of time, stand in long lines, do not speak loudly in public places, and do not get angry at the beginning.

15. Be kind. If your child is more conscientious, please don't make fun of his weakness. The person who likes to take advantage usually gains more than the loss because he is bored by others. The person who wants to suffer a small loss will have a big deal in the future because he is loved by others

16. The charm of the human body can produce the charm of spiritual essence. People with good health have the sun. People with poor health are indecisive, cringe, and hesitate in speech.

17. It is not necessary to think that a child is only a taller age from 1 to 5 years old. If the parents let the child spend 1 to 5 years old with grandparents or grandparents, until the child is 5 years old, the parents bring the child back to primary and secondary school, then the child will become silent in the middle and primary school Or become a brave troublemaker.

18. I often do three things with my child: one is to have a meal with the child, the other is to invite the child to repair small toys, furniture or clothes together, and sometimes invite the child to help deal with the difficulties at work. The third is to tell a story to the child and invite the child to tell the story.

19. If it is not very difficult, it is best for parents to return to Wanjia to eat together with their children every day. The mutual values ​​in the family are created during the whole process of a family dining around a table.

20. Tell children stories and invite them to tell stories by themselves. Let children create reading articles and creative habit from the beginning of listening to other people's stories, so that children can learn to read articles independently as soon as possible, and cultivate the habit of reading articles throughout their lives as soon as possible. "If people are still studying, it is not easy to sink completely. People who sink completely are not studying." Parents who never tell stories to their children are parents who evade responsibility.

21. There are three key periods for a child's growth: the first is around the age of three, the second is around the age of nine, and the third is around the age of 14. If you miss the critical period of success, the gains outweigh the losses.

22. It's not "legacy at thirty", just "legacy at three years old and thirty". Around the age of three, children must create the courage and habit of self-reliance. Whenever you can do it yourself, you must do it yourself. Whenever you should do it, you should do your best.

23. If your child loves Frost’s poem when he is 14 years old: "The two roads diverge in the forest, I choose to leave the lesser one", this is all normal, don’t worry, he may be Pick the one with more people.

24. A person's life is full of unrequited love. If your child is unrequited love for a heterosexual friend, please don't make fun of him. "Unrequited love is the best love in the world." (Socratic)

25. It is necessary for parents to reason with their children, but they should pay attention to their own posture when they are around 14 years old. Posture is more important than principle. Otherwise, the child will get bored and resist. The child wants to say: What you say is all right, but what you say is annoying.

26. Secrets in the heart are a manifestation of success and maturity. If the child is thinking and he does not want to tell you, then there is no need to force the child to tell his secret.

27. Around the age of three, it is best to have a pampering parent with a buried hill beside him. Around the age of nine, it is best to have a proactive and authoritative parent beside him. Around the age of 14, it is best to have a depressed democratic parent beside him. Reasonable education is strict first and then loosen, and invalid education is first loose and then strict.

28. Be sure to pay attention to your child's academic performance, but don't care too much about his performance. It is necessary to alert these children who have always ranked first in academic performance. Some children have good academic performance and temperament, some children have very good academic performance, but they are selfish, lack sense of responsibility, and have no joy in life.

29. Be sure to let your children learn to get along with others and accept friends happily. "If parents are dissatisfied with their neighbors next door, are also very harsh with their children's friends, or do not allow their children to make friends with them, making the children feel as if they are very different from others, then this kind of children will grow up There is no way to interact with everyone for granted.

30. Children’s growth needs partners, so that children have their own friends, but there is no need to have too messy little partners. Before the child has perfect objectivity and discrimination, alert the child to the bad habits of partners.

31. Let your child create an aesthetic concept of physical and mental health as soon as possible. Promising men will love women who are physically and mentally healthy. It is not necessary to let the child's aesthetic conception be deeply inferior and psychologically distorted. It is not necessary to think that the small and sick are good. Don't think that it is strong, it is all bad. You don't have to think that sparrows, lambs, and puppies are all likable, nor that Leo, tiger, lion, and wolves are all bad. It is not necessary to think that tiger wolves are all human beings, tiger wolves only eat cowardly.

32. "The Catcher in the Rye" dedicated a word to the world: Overwatch. Cultural education is not about management or care. Between Guan and No matter, there is a phrase called "Watch Pioneer".

33. Tell your children: Children who listen carefully in class sometimes get good test scores, and those who pass self-study always get good test scores!

These 33 classic phrases of parent-child education revolve around the life of a child!

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