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Family Kids Activities Help You To Happy Together With Your Children Stay At Home

On days when it is best to stay at home, parents often hear the voice from the house, "I'm so bored." At this time, when the parents are not in a good mood, they will be more annoyed. How to do it?
Next, we will update some kids activities at home every day, you can try. Hope to happy and safe every day.

There are several types of best kids activities at home: Kids Art, Kids Crafts, Food Cooking. Sure, different activities may be suitable for different ages.

Kids Crafts

DIY cardboard car

DIY cardboard car

1. Body
Remove the top and bottom flaps and one of the short sides of a large rectangular box. Put these five pieces aside.

2. Shape
Cut a flashy car silhouette out on both of the long sides with the open end at the front.

3. Hood
Using duct tape, join two reserved flaps together. Shape this piece over the front of the car to create the hood, using hot glue to secure it in place.

4. Spoiler
Cut out a 10-cm wide rectangle from the back of your car to make a spoiler.

5. Straps
Layer two 1-m stretches of duct tape together, sticky sides in, to create a strap. Repeat to make a second strap. Tape each strap to the inside back of the car. With your child inside, bring the straps over her shoulders and tape to the inside front.

6. Decorate
Cut circles out of reserved cardboard for wheels and personalize your car craft using paper, paint and coloured tape

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