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Family Kids Activities: Make Your Own Drive-In Movie

Making movies is a very professional thing, but as an entertainment kids activity, we do not need to be so complicated, we can make our own small movies. There is also a plot in "pepar pig" where they make a movie and record what they want to say.
The most difficult part of making a movie is that I think it is the theme of the movie. Parents usually don't know what to shoot. Then, I will share some topics for you. After reading, you will definitely get some inspiration, and your own movie theme will be more and more.

diy shooting movie
1. Documentary film, record a day in life.

Characters can appear in their true, but i think that it will be boring. Change roles is a good idea. The premise is that the child needs to be guided to become a parent. How to induce them? They can recall pictures in life and make children feel that their parents are using them to educate them. If they can integrate into the role, parents can let them experience some of their parental responsibilities. Of course, in this process, parents also need to experience it Attentively, so that the children's psychology understand each other. In this process, it is best to split the scene. Father and mother may not appear at the same time. It need a shooting characters. And about the shooting themes, there may be many contradictions. It need a middleman to do the script justice.

2. Drama theme

boy shoting movie
The difficulty with this theme is the layout of the shooting scene. I think that if the scene is not arranged, kids are difficult to concentrate, so it is difficult to successfully shoot the film. Of course, setting scenes is also what children are most willing to do, requiring them to use their amazing imagination. Here I make a suggestion that parents should do as much as possible and give more tips when setting the scene, and the fictional part should be handed over to the children, and his child should be the commander. Parents may think the scenes are not well arranged, but what does it matter? Children can participate. They can happily participate in activities together. It means success.

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