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How To Control Kids Use Electronic Device

How much screen time is too much for kids? It's complicated

Now there are more and more electronic products, such as mobile phones, computers, ipads, etc. Children almost deal with them every day, but excessive use of electronic products is detrimental to the development of children. This is not to say that it is necessary to ban the use of electronic products, because in the future the child's world cannot be separated from these things, so the key how to deal well it, is the the time and the purpose.Child Diy Crafts with Electronic Device

A study of 20,000 parents published late last year by the Oxford Internet Institute and Cardiff University determined that there was no correlation between limiting device use and children’s wellbeing. The study’s lead author Dr Andrew Pryzbylski said: “Our findings suggest the broader family context, how parents set rules about digital screen time, and if they’re actively engaged in exploring the digital world together, are more important than the raw screen time.”

Another study from December by the University of Michigan on people aged four to 11 similarly found that “how children use the devices, not how much time they spend on them, is the strongest predictor of emotional or social problems connected with screen addiction”. But the authors said that concern over a child’s screen use is warranted when it leads to poor behaviour, loss of interest in other activities, family or social life, withdrawal, or deception.

For young children, the most important thing is whether parents and kids are playing, watching or browsing together.
“What should i do?” You may asked.
You can follow us with your kids to Draw Cute Things, also can Diy Crafts.
Let the children pay more attention to what to do than just look at the electronic screen.

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