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Kids Activities: Give The Small Bench To Grandma

Activity Target:  

Nursery school language activity lesson plan: a small bench for grandma to sit on

  1. Like to watch and perform nursery rhymes, try to replace the titles in the nursery rhymes, and make simple nursery rhymes.
  2. Know to care about the elders and experience the friendship of family members.

Activity preparation:

A small bench, the teacher and a toddler perform nursery rhymes.

Picture: Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad each.

activity procedure:

  1. Watch the performance to arouse children's interest and initially perceive the content of children's songs.

The teacher shows the small bench: What is this? Who is the bench for?

Teacher: Who is coming? (Grandma, little baby) Let’s watch their performances

Teachers and students read nursery rhymes and watched the performance.

Teacher: What do you see, babies? What did you hear?

  1. Learn to recite nursery rhymes.

The teacher guides the children to read the children's songs while watching the children's rhymes, and encourages the children to do the actions in the children's rhymes to stimulate their interest in learning.

The teacher leads the children to perform actions while reading nursery rhymes in small chairs.

Ask the young children to perform with their companions next to each other, and finally ask the two young children to perform in front of the group.

  1. Lead the children to discuss and understand the story further.

Teacher: Why did the baby let grandma be a small bench? Why do you want to beat grandma on the back?

Let the children know that grandma is getting older and should care about the truth about the elderly.

  1. Guide children to imitate nursery rhymes.

Teacher: Do you like your grandma? Apart from letting grandma sit on the bench, who else do you want to sit on? Who else do you want to beat?

The teacher shows the corresponding small pictures according to the children's narration, and guides the children to imitate nursery rhymes to increase their interest in reading nursery rhymes.

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