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How To Choose Smoothie Cup For Your Kids?

Smoothies contain fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and natural sugars. This is why they are ideal for children. The different fruit mixes make it possible to obtain smoothies with an infinite number of colors, another plus with the little ones.It is an ingenious method to the picky eaters with nutrient-rich, healthy choices.

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For children, it is better to have a suitable smoothie cup. What kind of smoothie cup is more suitable for children?
1. Appropriate Size For children around 3 years old, a capacity of 8-10 oz is better, do not eat too much at one time. It is best for such a big child to eat less and eat more meals. It is more suitable for 12 OZ over 6 years old. For older children, the cup capacity is no longer important, because it is impossible to limit them.
2. The Material Of The Cup There are smoothie cups on the market, paper cups, PP plastic cups, stainless steel cups, (I think few people will use glass for children, we do not recommend it, although I like the glass most ). I personally think that preference is given to transparent plastic cups. Children like to see food in their mouths. Of course, the premise is that the smoothie you made, your kids love it. If it didn't like it, the moment he could see it, he refused to eat. This time you should choose stainless steel cup. Stainless steel cups cannot be too large, because they may be heavy. Why choose paper cups in the end, because generally paper cups are thrown away after one use, which is not environmentally friendly, and the coating on the paper cups always makes me uneasy.
3. Straws When drinking smoothies, most people will choose to use straws. For adults, stainless steel straws are definitely the first choice, but for children, I always feel worried about these regulated metal products in their hands. Because in their world, anything can become their toy. So here I recommend BPA- Free silicone straws. The silicone straw is safe, soft and can be reused.

To Baby, the first most important things is saft, second is function, durable  and other. Also, opt for a model that is easy to handle by tiny hands and lacks choking hazards.

There are the best smoothie cups recognized by the market as below,

Contigo Spill-Proof Kids Tumbler with Straw 14 oz

Contigo Kids Tumbler with Straw

Munchkin Splash Toddler Smoothie Cups with Training Lids, 7 Oz, 4 Pack

Munchkin Splash Toddler Cups

Simple Modern Kids Cup 12oz Classic Tumbler with Lid and Silicone Straw - Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel for Toddlers Girls Boys -Solar System

 Simple Modern Kids Cup 12oz Classic Tumbler with Lid and Silicone Straw

Colorful PoPo Stainless Steel Lovely Small Rambler Tumbler with Lid and Silicone Straw, Set of 2


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