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What age should a child start drinking from a cup?

It takes some patience to teach children a cup of coffee. However, whether you want to use a cup instead of a breast or bottle, or transition from a straw to a cup, there are some advantages to training the cup as early as possible rather than late. First, your child will know that there is another way to replenish fluids besides breasts or bottles. This is an alternative method that can make it easier for him to wean from one to two. When the mother is unable to breastfeed or does not have a bottle, teaching your child to drink from the cup will also increase the water content of the urine (water or milk-it is best not to provide juice in a straw cup). At your fingertips. The ability to drink from a real cup can also help your child master the oral muscles while enhancing his good motor skills and coordination. Mom and Dad, cheer for this!

What age?

There is no absolute "best" time to open a cup, but by 16 to 17 months, as long as there is enough practice, most young children have motor coordination skills and can drink alcohol from the open cup ( Do not dribble in most cases). When does it begin? Try to open the cup when you are 6-12 months old. Many children can drink with a straw when they are 6-9 months old. When your child is 12 months old, he may already have a bottle ready (even Breasts) boots. This is also a good time, because the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends weaning the baby from the bottle before 18 months of age. Feeding bottles are related to tooth decay, especially when they are used to comfort children during sleep and sleep, if milk (or juice...or anything in it) can be hidden in the child's mouth, causing bacteria to multiply and start tooth decay.


How to help your baby discover it: Whether you change from a straw to a cup, from a breast to a cup, or from a bottle to a cup, the key to success is practice, patience and fun. Some skills for successful cup training:


Make the cup special: ask your child to pick up the cup and he will get the sense of control that most young children desire. Show him two at a time (maybe one with a handle and the other with a straw), and let him choose the one he likes. And don't underestimate the power of whimsical characters or magical gi heads, such as a discolored cup.

Tell him how this is done: Little ones wants to be what parents do, so if you point out that you are drinking from an open cup, then your child will most likely want to try it as soon as possible. "Look? This is how mom drinks it. Okay, now you try it."

Become his drinking partner: Pour yourself a drink, and then propose "toast" (or two or three glasses) while you both have a drink.

Switch it: If you want to encourage your child to use an open cup instead of a straw, you can help him close the two cups. For example, let him drink with a straw, but keep the cup open for his favorite drink.

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