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What are the best sippy cups?


What suits you is the best! 

About the sippy cups 

You can read our another article:

How to choose sippy cup for your little ones?


Trainer Cups for Older Kids & Toddler


In addition to choosing the right cup, there is another very important element, that is, choosing what the child likes.

Each child may be an angel, but more likely a demon. Make trouble all day so that adults don’t make mistakes.

Any suggestions?

1. Cute  Baby have no resistance to cute things, especially those things that have never been seen before. They like them very much and are willing to try them.

2. Customized is a good idea. Children usually like to play with things and stick them on the cup. For example, my child likes toy cars, so I will label the toy cars and put them on the cup so that he can like them for a while. Change to the new car behind...

3. It is best to use a cup with a larger opening. Children love to explore. When he sees less and less water or drinks in the cup, he will feel particularly excited and ask for another drink.

4. If it is a transparent cup or kettle, it is also good. If not, you can use a transparent cover. The same applies.


In summary,

1. Mineral water bottle or beverage bottle

2. Starbucks Tumbler


If you want to buy, I recommend one

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