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Best Bedtime Story: Moon Boat

A Little White Rabbit mowed grass by the lake, just mowed a small pile, but it was dark.
colorful popo bedtime story moon boat
A curved moon float across the lake, like a small boat, curved and warped. Aunt Moon saw the little white rabbit who was busy on the lake beach and greeted him enthusiastically: "Good boy, put the grass on my boat, I will help you to get to home."

The little white rabbit looked at the moon sideways: "Do you know where my home is?"

"On the western slope, I happen to be there."

The little white rabbit looked at the grass at the feet, scratched his head, felt that the grass is too little, and said "I wonder to mow some more".

It was just dark the next day, and the moon boat floated over again. My aunt asked him whether he wanted to move the grass on the boat. The little white rabbit looked at the grass. "Wait for tomorrow, and maw a little more tomorrow, and trouble you. "

On the third day, the aunt asked him again, he still said that: "Wait for tomorrow, tomorrow there will be more grass to mow, then trouble you."

Aunt never asked again. Every day, the boat floats in front of the grassy beach by the lake, floats in the blue sky, and floats over the home of the little white rabbit on the west slope ...

Ten days passed, the grass was taller than the hill, and the little white rabbit was very happily. Tonight, he will transport all the grass back to home. Give his mother, brother, and sister a big surprise

The moon slowly drifted over from the lake, and the lake water was reflected brightly. Strangely, the belly of the boat was no longer flat, but became full. Before the boat floated here, the little white rabbit asked aloud, "Aunt, I have mowed a lot of grass, can you help me to back home?"

Aunt shook her head: "No, boy, my boat is full."

"It doesn't matter, the grass is terribly light."

"There is no more place to put it!"

"It doesn't matter, I tied the grass with a rope and buckled it on the bow."
colorful popo bedtime story moon boat
Aunt feel funny, this little guy, he didn't take the empty ship last time, but he had to wait for someone to be fully loaded ... Okay, come on! The aunt leaned on the boat to the shore of the lake and helped him carry a bale of grass. The boat was originally fuller, and with these grasses, the belly of the boat was suddenly raised round and round, almost like a ball.

Sail the boat! The boat was walking in the clouds, swaying in the galaxy, shaking, shaking the little white rabbit into sleep. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew the moon boat, the tent on the boat was blown away, and the little white rabbit's grass was turned over. The little white rabbit woke up from the dream and yelled, "Grass, My grass! "He asked his aunt to stop the boat. The aunt said," No, no, the wind is too strong to stop! "

Another gust of wind blew away, blew away the bale tied to the bow of the boat. The little white rabbit was so anxious that he jumped straight on the boat.

Aunt Moon shouted to him: "Come on, come in the cabin, leave it alone!" He said, pulling him hard into the cabin, closing the door, and letting him out.

A bigger wind blew past, swaying in the sky, shaking the little moon boat, and the boat swayed forward in the wind.

After a while, the wind finally fell and disappeared. At this time, Aunt Moon found that the little white rabbit's grass was all blown away by the wind. She heard the little white rabbit crying in the cabin. Aunt persuaded him not to be sad, and to help him go home with a boat full of grass next time.

The little white rabbit rolled her eyes in tears and asked her aunt: "What shall I do now?" He waited for the aunt's reply and raised his head, "I don't want to go home anymore, you still send me back to the lake beach tomorrow, I still mow the grass ... wait half a month, and then help me load it. "He calculated silently that his aunt's boat was empty for half a month.
So, the little white rabbit stayed in the aunt's cabin.

Every night, when the moon floats across the sky, people will always see a beautiful white rabbit in the moon, and there are often white clouds floating next to the moon. In fact, it wasn’t white clouds. It was grasses scattered by the little white rabbits in the sky. When the wind blew, it turned white and turned into a cluster of clouds.

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