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Share A Bedtime Short Story : A Little Proud Turtle

The turtles are slow animals in many stories, but in this story, it ’s different. Let ’s read how the turtles in the story look like.

little turtle

A little turtle Q is very strong, and the animals often let him do some hard work help them.
One day, a little white rabbit wants to move house, but it can't move furniture alone. At this time, it thought of the little turtle Q. He found Q and said to him, "Mr Q, can you help me move things?" Q said, "Of course!" So he followed the little white rabbit to his house and helped him move things. Soon he arrived at the little white rabbit's new home. The little turtle strongly put down the things. The little white rabbit let Qiangqiong sit down and brought a towel to wipe the sweat with Q, and kept thanking him. After having a rest, the little turtle went to help others again. In one day, Q heard a lot of praises for him, and felt that he was very great and everyone could not live without him. Little Turtle Q became proud and often said that he was capable in front of animals. Over time, the little turtle felt that he was better than a lion and decided to find a lion to head out.

However, the little turtle crawled too slowly, and it looked up and saw the flying geese. So, it stopped the wild goose, arrogant distance: "I want to challenge the lion, you take me away." The geese listened, very angry, decided to teach the turtle. So, they found branches one by one and said to it: "You bite this branch with your mouth, we take you away, but you can't talk, or you will fall down." "The little turtle said:" Well, no problem. "They took off, and the animals below saw the flying turtles". "Isn't it cool?" He said, and them the little turtle fall down.
turtle fall down
Since then, the little turtle no longer dared to be proud.

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