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We all know that snails are a very slow animal, so as a firefighter in Snail City. What kind of performance does a snail have?


Beautiful snail city, the streets are vertical and horizontal, and there are many tall buildings. The "Snail Fire Fighting Team", which was personally captained by the Governor of Snail, was recently established.

The equipment of the snail fire fighting team is first-class, with supersonic fire trucks, fully automatic helicopters, intelligent fire extinguishing guns, and retractable fire ladders.

One day, a "punctured sky building" in the east of the city caught fire.

The snail fire brigade received the fire alarm and immediately headed for the fire under the leadership of the snail governor.

The governor of the snail has very strict regulations on fire extinguishing, such as how many centimeters per minute the firefighters walk and how many drops of water the hose sprays per minute. It must be carried out according to the regulations. What's more interesting is that even the time and speed of flame spread have specific restrictions.

Now, at the request of the Governor General, the snail fire brigade is slowly driving the supersonic fire truck and crawling halfway.

"Pierced Sky Mansion" has been smoked, and the more it burns, the stronger it is-the temper of the fire is very grumpy and unrestrained. The governor's regulations blamed the fire at all.
snail firefight
The supersonic firetruck could not rush to the fire at his own speed. There was a fire in my heart. Seeing that the fire had burned for half of the sky, I also ignored the regulations of the Governor-General and drove full horsepower to prepare for the rush. The governor ordered to slow down: "We must act in accordance with the rules of the snail, we must not be impatient."

The supersonic firetruck refused to stop and blew the whistle at full speed. The governor, unwilling to violate his own rules, ordered all the members to get off the car, walked forward, and shouted to the supersonic firetruck: "You Run, come back and I will punish you fiercely! "

The snail firefighters had not finished half the way. The supersonic firetruck and the helicopter closely cooperated and quickly extinguished the fire that punctured the "Sky Building".

Returning to the headquarters, the Governor Snail held an awards and punishment meeting, he announced: "The fire that pierced the Tian Mansion burned too fast, I will give the fire a severe punishment; the supersonic fire trucks and helicopters overspeeded and immediately imprisoned Although all the firefighters have not arrived at the fire, they strictly implemented the rules I made and gave them the highest honor, and each one was given a gold medal. "

When the conference reached its climax, the fire alarm rang again, and several buildings in the center of the city caught fire at the same time. The governor decided to stay in command at the headquarters, and the fire brigade began to crawl forward under the leadership of the deputy captain-because the supersonic fire truck and helicopter were imprisoned half a minute ago.

The fire was fierce. Lord Governor repeatedly warned the fire through broadcasts, asking them not to spread too fast, the tongue of the fire could not be licked too high, but the flame ignored it at all, and extended quickly around the world without any politeness.

The snail fire brigade followed the standard pace, half a centimeter and half a centimeter were in the forward step. Thick smoke rolled towards them, and the team members put on gas masks, and from time to time they drew their heads into their hard shells to avoid the smoke from the fire.

The beautiful Snail City is already in flames, and the tongue of fire has licked under the seat of the Governor-General. It has to announce the lifting of the helicopter's imprisonment, hurriedly climbed up to the base, and escaped outside the city.

When the snail fire brigade arrived at the site of the fire, it was already in ruins. The team members routinely sprayed water and sprayed medicine, and a white steam appeared from the charred building.

Vice captain picked up the walkie-talkie: "Report, Lord Governor, the fire in the center of the city has been extinguished."

"Asshole, now the entire Snail City is burning into black charcoal, why are you still rubbing on the fire?" The Governor roared on the helicopter.

"Master Governor, we arrived at the scene at the speed you specified." The deputy captain was choked with tears in the smoke.

The governor of the snail was so angry that his two tentacles kept shaking. The helicopter hovered hard over the hot Snail City. At this time, the walkie-talkie came to the deputy captain's cry: "Master Governor, we are the snail fire fighting team, we have been surrounded by the fire, please land immediately, save us from the sea of ​​fire! Quick! Quick!"

Governor Snail drove the helicopter back and forth, unable to find a safe landing spot.

"Quick ... Rescue ... We ..." The governor heard the last cry of the snail fire brigade, and tears shed.

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