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Share A Bedtime Story: Buwa Baby

This is a story full of Chinese culture, full of magic.

colorful popo bedtime story

An old couples have three sons, but after working hard to raise them , none of them are filial.

The old couple is too old to walk and cook. The sons didn't even look at them. The two old couples were very sad. After crying, the old couples discussed and decided to spend all the money at the bazaar, and then eat meat dumplings.

The old man went shopping at the market. The old lady quivered slightly to the ground. Other people's dumplings are happy, but the old lady is crying while she is on the side.

Tears fell into the bowl. After a while, the noodles became thinner. I wanted to add more noodles, and the noodle tank was empty. The old lady sat on the ground and cried. Why is she so sad? It turned out that the three sons forgot their mothers when they married their wives. The old couples are helpless, ready to put poison in the dumpling filling, and die together after eating.

The old man came back from the market and took back half a catty of pork. In order to build a family for their sons, the two old men have not eaten dumplings with meat for years. The old man was very optimistic, he helped the old lady to Kang(坑). Also stuffed her with a big doll.

The teeth of the old man's mouth were all gone, and his speech was a little leaky. Persuaded the old lady to say, "Don't cry anymore. I haven't let you follow me for a few days in these years. After buying pork, I have enough money left to buy a cloth doll. For you, it's all our children. The three unfilial sons should never have been adopted. "

The old lady wiped away her tears and looked at Buwa carefully. Ask the old man: "Does it have a name?" The old man said: "On the way back, a little girl said it was called" Buwa baby ". Let's call it that way too." "Buwa baby, this name is nice. Unfortunately, it doesn't Can talk. "The old woman said to herself.

"Old mother, I can speak." The baby Buwa startled the old man and the old lady, and almost threw the baby Buwa to the ground.

The old man asked softly, "Buwa baby, can you really speak?" Babu baby said: "I can not just talk, but also make your three unfilial sons filial. Just don't go into the dumpling stuffing anymore. The poison has been released. Eat it well. Before eating, greet all three unfilial sons and daughters-in-law. Then you tell them that way. ”The old lady said doubtfully,“ Will that work? ”The old man said,“ it seem OK, try do it. "

All three sons and their wives were recruited. Very reluctant. After they came, very surprised. Why did these two old men eat meat dumplings? The old man said: "Our family ancestors passed down a" Buwa baby ", which has not moved for years. The two of us are old and can't move Look at the three of you who are eligible to succeed? "This said, the eyes of the three sons and their wives were liked big bulbs.

The old lady cut the baby's belly with scissors, revealing the golden ingot. Now, the three sons and wives are fighting to support the two old men. The old man said, "We won't go to anyone's home. The three of you take turns to cook at home and do laundry. Whoever we see is filial, this Buwa baby will be inherited on to whom."

Since then, the three sons and wives brought the best food and the best use to the elderly. Under their influence, the grandson and granddaughter of the old man also paid special respect to the old man. The life of the two old men was very happy in their old age.

After the two old men passed away one after another. The three sons were busy cutting the baby's belly, and the gold ingots were gone. There was only a belly of grass. There was a note on the grass that read: Sleeping in the old cat room, pass from generation to generation. You honor the elderly, and your sons and daughters will honor you. This is the real priceless treasure!
colorful popo buwa baby
Reading and thinking: Honoring the elderly is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.

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