Wecome to Colorful PoPo!

Our Story


Colorful PoPo, Colorful Life!

Colorful PoPo, For a smile of your kids.

Colorful PoPo means colorful bubbles. Soap bubbles, look colorful in the sun. All children are like it very much.

kids blowing bubbles

That year, my son was four years old. His kindergarten held a parent-child activity, that is my first parent-child activity. The teacher arranged many activities, after that, i feel tired, and sat on the grass had a rest, and watched children blew bubbles and chased bubbles together. The warm sun sprinkled on the smiling faces of the children, and the breeze gently blew up the corners of their clothes. Everything is so beautiful and magical.
The smiles of the children infected me and made me forget the pressure of work、the troubles of life. From then on, I felt that the best gift is the children grow up healthily and happily.
We hope that all children can grow up happily.
Colorful PoPo accompany the children to grow together!